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Here are just a few examples of where ANT Corp has taught dedicated training classes:




Bob Sinclair


“In 1997 I joined a small MCSE training company. When I asked them for course ware, they pointed to a stack of 5 text books. So began my journey in course development.”  A few years later Bob was hired to teach Cisco CCNA and CCNP classes for Terry Slattery’s Chesapeake Network Solutions (later Mentor Technologies) and learned the true meaning of the term “professional excellence.”Bob

Bob has been a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor since 2000 and was honored to conduct the 2-day CCSI qualification exams for Cisco. After spending a couple years consulting in the Washington area and earning his CCIE Bob joined his old pals from Chesapeake at Netmasterclass.

For the next seven years at NMC Bob taught CCIE bootcamps to some of the brightest and most highly motivated network engineers in the world. “I learned that I do not have to ‘know it all’ or be the ‘smartest guy in the room’ to help my students.”Big Bob at the Big Budda. 2nd biggest in Japan, Bronze. About 750 years old (The Budda)

When Cisco selected NMC to develop the Cisco 360 program, Bob worked with Bruce Caslow to develop the Cisco 360 Route/Switch Bootcamp. Cisco then had Bob meet with CCIE instructors and students around the world to introduce this innovative program.

In 2011 Bob founded Advanced Network Training Corp. and began teaching courses on data center networking, including Cisco’s DCUFI, Nexus 7000, Nexus 5000, DCUCS and DCUCT classes. 

Bob developed and delivered a custom class on Cisco FabricPath for EMC, and a custom 5-day class on Dynamic Fabric Automation for one of Cisco’s largest enterprise customers. Early last year Bob started with Cisco ACI and has taught classes for Symantec and QTS Datacenters.

In September, 2016 Bob became the first instructor world-wide to be certified to teach Cisco’s Network Programmability Design and Implementation (NPDESI) Course.

Bruce Caslow

CCIE 3139

With over 30 years in the networking industry and 28 years in technical training, Bruce Caslow has accumulated a vast amount of expertise on how to develop and deliver the highest level of technical training. For the last 20 years, Bruce has been a Cisco CCSI and he received his CCIE in 1997. image-2

In 1998, Bruce wrote the first textbook on preparing students for the Route-Switch CCIE lab in Cisco Certification: Bridges, Routers and Switches for CCIE’s (Prentice Hall) with his former student Val Pavlichenko as his Technical Editor.

   In the Fall of 2001, Bruce and Val founded NetMasterClass and began to teach an intensive CCIE bootcamp that integrated a web-portal and a series of graded assessment labs.image-1

In 2004, Bob Sinclair joined Bruce and Val at NetMasterClass. In 2008, Cisco selected NetMasterClass as the developer its Cisco 360 program. As part of a strong NetMasterClass team, Bruce and Bob were the lead content developers of Cisco 360 content.

Both Bruce and Bob were the very first Cisco 360 CCIE Master Instructors and both were delegated to teach other Cisco 360 instructors from around the world.

From 2008 to today, Bruce has run the NetMasterClass Training Division and has developed a robust mentoring program for the Cisco 360 program.

As of January, 2016, Bruce begins his 15th year on the leadership team of NetMasterClass with this exciting opportunity to have NetMasterClass collaborate with Advanced Network Training to deliver both RS-CCIE courses as well as Data Center and Cloud courses.




Cisco Training Students

Cisco Training Students

Cisco Training Students

“The Nexus 9K -ACI mode training was needed. Mr. Sinclair was an excellent instructor. I have taken several training classes over my years in IT and this was one of the absolutely best. Bob Sinclair was energetic and passionate about the training all week and his responses to questions were thoughtful and extremely helpful to my understanding of ACI”.
"Online was as effective as classroom"
Student's comment regarding the Dynamic Fabric Automation (DFA) class recently designed and taught by ANT: “Some of the best training we’ve had.”
"Thanks for providing the DCUCS class instruction this week. All of the feedback that I received from the participants was very positive. They are very impressed of your knowledge and training capabilities. Many of the engineers had very high expectations about this class and you nailed it for them. This is great to hear."

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